Amphibians Unit Study with Material ideas and Lesson Plan

Amphibians Unit Study with Material ideas and Lesson Plan

Last month in our classroom, we were working on a reptiles unit. At that time, I noticed that almost all children didn’t know the difference between reptiles and amphibians. At that moment, we decided to explore the world of amphibians next month.

Planning unit study activities for kindergarten for a whole month seems overwhelming, but by breaking it down into steps, it becomes manageable.

The first and most important tip while planning any unit study for young children is to always remember to keep the lesson short and simple and use a lot of hands-on activities to engage and educate them about learning.

This is how I planned my amphibian unit study for a month.

1. Define what an amphibian is. With this small “Characteristics of Amphibians” booklet, you can start explaining what an amphibian is. Or use library books.

2.  Introduce types of amphibians. Amphibian 3-part cards are a great way to introduce different kinds of amphibians.



3.  Life cycle of amphibians and body parts: discuss the life cycle and body parts of frogs and salamanders with this hands-on activity.





4.  Hands-on activities will help reinforce what students have learned, such as object and picture matching, how to draw a frog and amphibian poke-pinning.



 5.  The Frog and Toad Booklet explains how frogs and toads are different even though they look alike.



7.  Once they know the difference, you can present frog and toad sorting cards.




Here are some amphibian-themed language and math activities for fun.


Amphibian unit study bundle link

Lesson Plan 

Week 1: Introduction to Amphibianshttps:

Objective: Students will be able to identify amphibians and describe their characteristics.


Characteristics of Amphibians’ booklet

Amphibians 3-part cards (amphibians coloring page)

 Math Activities

Week 2: The life cycle and body parts of amphibians

The life cycle of the salamander (coloring worksheet)

Parts of the salamander (coloring booklet)

The life cycle of a frog (coloring worksheet)

Parts of a Frog (coloring booklet)

Letter sound matching

Week 3: Frogs and Toads

Frog and Toad’s booklet

Frog and toad sorting cards

Frog color matching

Week 4: Amphibian Habitats

Amphibian habitat sorting cards

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