Pink Series (CVC Words) Bundle

Pink Series (CVC Words) Bundle


This set includes 429 cards and 33 worksheet pages

First sound missing cards – 98 cards

Middle cards missing – 50 cards

Last sound missing – 50 cards

Flip Book – 15 books

Reading cards – 36 cards

Picture and words cards – 100 cards

Sentences cards – 60 cards

worksheets 33 pages

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A good foundation is imperative to anything important. Pink Reading is the beginning of reading, it’s your foundation, Just like anything else you want to have a strong foundation for your child to be set up for success.

The Pink Series introduces children to the concept of phonetic reading, which means reading words by recognizing and blending the sounds of individual letters. This is a fundamental skill for reading in the English language. It helps children understand that words are composed of smaller, distinct sounds (phonemes) that can be combined to form words.

The Pink Series is typically presented in a logical sequence, starting with simple phonetic words and progressing to more complex ones. This sequential approach ensures that children build on their prior knowledge and gradually develop their reading skills in a structured manner.

The words in the Pink Series are phonetically simple and often follow the CVC pattern.