Pattern activity ideas for preschool and kindergarten

Pattern activity ideas for preschool and kindergarten

It can take months or even an entire school year for preschoolers to achieve mastery over patterning. Therefore, it is essential to provide plenty of patterning practice to your students. But the real challenge is how you can motivate your student to practice patterns?

Children love to play; in fact, they learn best through play.
If we come up with activities that sound like play, Children will love to work on them.
Here are a few ideas for the patterning practice, which my student loves the most.

Pattern idea 1

I bought apple-shaped wooden buttons, then took their pictures. To make them printable, I arranged them in a word document. Then I colored printed them and cut them to arrange in a pattern like below.

Pattern idea 2

I can finish this pattern

In the art and craft store, I found these wooden dragonflies. I glued gun some dragonflies on popsicle sticks in abab, abba, abca, aabb pattern.

Pattern idea 3

Color matching in pattern

I bought these wooden flower buttons from the Joann fabric store. Using watercolor I put dots of the same colors as the buttons in the pattern.

Pattern idea 4

Printable pattern insect cards matching

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